Monday, January 2, 2017

Pay attention to Alyson Stanfield

Patti-Anne in the studio with Snow on Cherrywood.

Day 2 of the new year -- thinking about what's coming up in
my art plans, and looking back on 2016 (Hard not to do).
Time, and years and dates are useful constructs for all of
us, but this is really Monday -- and this year I will be moving
more in a day to day fashion.

One of the super moments happened just before Christmas when I was
finishing off the commission I showed yesterday and
a collector, Patti-Anne Fitzpatrick came to visit looking for
a painting and cards.

The artists out there will all know that dressing up is not
our thing.  Not even a sensible goal.  But Alyson Stanfield
says that artists should look good, so I'm glad I was a little
dressier than normal for Patti-Anne.  And also pleased
that the tree had crept into the studio and was dressed in
its happy splendour.
Snow on Cherrywood
Acrylic on canvas
8 x 8 inches
Barbara Muir © 2013
Patti-Anne bought a Cherrywood painting, and several
packages of my art cards.  Here she is standing in front
of the tree.  We had a great morning as she selected her
painting, ultimately falling for this one.

My friend Janet Vanderhoof asked me to add more tips
from Alyson. There are so many and new ones all the
time. I like her suggestion that we should join local art
groups, or show locally.  When I was on Oprah she suggested
ways to simplify my blog.  Her point was that it's about the
art, and web sites and blogs don't need to be fancy with
special type and buttons, they just need to showcase the
art.  She suggests getting excellent photos of your art (working
on that). And she thinks showing in live venues matters,
not denying that you can sell on line.  There is so much more
available through the link above.  Click on her name and
find her blog, and you could read for months.  All of it

Have a listening-to-Alyson-Stanfield day.

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