Monday, January 9, 2017

Large and small

Untitled (work in progress)
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 inches
Barbara Muir © 2017
Thinking today about the simplest of contrasts large and
small.  The inspiration for that idea came from a desire
to do a small painting, and the realization that for the
most part I like working on larger pieces.  I like the
freedom of the big canvas -- which is highly impractical
living in a small space, with a tiny studio.

The fact is that the big art world, the major galleries
for the most part like large works -- the larger the better.
Though I remember seeing a brilliant show of very tiny
pieces that went in a line around a huge room in the MoMA
in New York.  But that same artist exhibited a massive video
of the artist chasing tornadoes (small ones) and getting right
inside them.  The sound system and dark room in that exhibit
made the experience so real that Steven and I were holding
hands, and people kept running out of the space because
they were so scared.

And the fact is that larger work has more impact, as one of
my gallery owners once said, "because it is large!"

So here's what I'm working on.  The subject is the wide
ocean -- a favourite theme of mine, and favourite
place too.  It is a medium size painting.

To add to the topic, and perfectly timed as
I was just rolling the idea over in my mind -- a tiny pink
envelope dropped through the door that contained a
beautiful thank you note, with a joyous pink tree
on the front and a message about Happiness! This is
the second perfect small card that has landed in our
hallway in the past week -- and the second message
that touched my heart so deeply.

You get the point -- it's the message that counts, or the
image -- not the size. By the way I am always in awe of
the small work by Edward B. Gordon, Nicki Ault, William
Wray and Miranda Brouwers.  And yes Vermeer could
pack a lot into small.  (I know the list is endless).

Have a loving both the small and the large art day.


Nicki said...

Oh gosh! Thank you for the mention Barbara- I am so glad you like my little work- I sure enjoy painting them.

Looking forward to seeing and reading about your 2017!

XOXO Nicki

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

Thank you. I do love your work, large and small. You are a Canadian hero.


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