Thursday, August 13, 2020

Stop doing that! (We have to try.)

The House on the Hill #2
Acrylic on canvas
18 x 24 inches
Barbara Muir © 2017

My new Blogger system combined with my new Mac make writing,
posting my blog into a whole new, (and not yet wonderful) experience.  
So here's what I'm doing.  
I'm writing my blog in my email on my old
computer, sending it to me on 
my new computer, cutting and pasting.  
Yep.  Because it's got to get done, 
and last night it wouldn't single space.
Seriously?  Yes.  And it still won't.

My title tonight is about how we can't keep going back to where we were a 
year ago.  We have to just delight in where we are.  But when I saw the 
painting that came up last year on this date, and knew what it meant, I
felt a pang.  This is the house that means we are almost at Pugwash, and
almost home to our school house.

I have painted this same house a number of times, and sold two of those
paintings.  The house is quintessential Nova Scotia.  White clapboard,
on a hill with some out buildings.  I think we found out that it was 
part of a dairy farm.

Anyway. A year ago today we were driving out to our 100+ year old
school house, happy as can be. And I'm glad we were.  I'm glad we 
had that magical vacation, surrounded by loving friends.  And this
year we can't go, which will make our hearts grow even fonder.

Love you Nova Scotia.  Stay healthy and stay safe. 

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