Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Easy does it -- Inktober

Joyous Anemones
an Inktober drawing
Black marker on
Canson Mixed Media paper
5.5 x 8.5 inches
Barbara Muir © 2020

I heard a wonderful thought on CBC radio's Tapestry today, recommending that
every now and then we take it easy, and do nothing. For artists trying to
create something every day, wanting to make money, and trying to be productive,
this is good information.

What the host of the show said quoting a poem was that the moon is not full all
the time. Nature -- and we are part of it -- is cyclical, and we can be too. During
this never-ending pandemic, nature in my back yard, and in parks, and on walks,
has been one of the most dependable sources for boosting my mood.

If it’s warm enough we leave our wooden back door open, and look out through
the glass door at the high bank of gorgeous fall blooming anemones -- a cloud of
white against a green, gold and red autumn backdrop.

So I thought I’d feature them again today. I know they can’t last forever, and
I know that I’ll find beauty in whatever nature offers, but oh boy I love these
flowers and I love that they are so resilient they can teach us a lesson. Every
January Steven puts our Christmas tree, filled with bird seed, out in the garden
on what remains of the anemones, and I’m always worried that they won’t come
back, but they do.

And we will too. We'll come back from this pandemic, and live joyous, socially
connected, happy, partying, sharing hugs lives again.

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy what we have, and to my American friends -- please vote.

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