Saturday, October 31, 2020

Making Halloween happy

The Halloween Production Line
prepping the bags for delivery
Barbara Muir 2020

Happy Halloween everyone! This year it was a toughy. Why? No one was
allowed to go trick-or-treating in Toronto. As someone in our family has a
birthday on Halloween, that made us particularly sad. This coronavirus is
tearing everything apart. And at the same time it challenges us to think in
different ways, and try new things -- always wanting to keep everyone
safe and healthy.

So the picture tonight shows what we did because the kids couldn’t come
to our door.  We love seeing the neighbourhood children and their parents
dressed up in their costumes. There's always such a happy feeling on our street on
Halloween, so we thought we better do something to make the children
happy.  How? We spoke to the parents of the children we know, and asked
if would it be okay to give them bags of candy?

And in every case the parents said yes. We went to work preparing the bags.
I drew pumpkins on them, and we wrote the children’s names and Happy
Halloween.  This afternoon we took them around, and dropped them off.  We
wore our masks and gloves, knocked on the family's doors, and stepped back
social distanced on their sidewalks.

And when our family came to celebrate, we had a small candy hunt. Not the
wild and crazy fun we're used to, but still fun. And so was the party in our
winter coats in the backyard. It was so great to see our family!  What was cool
was that other families in our neighbourhood were having freezing cold 
Halloween parties too, and we could hear the laughter of small family groups. 

 Happy Halloween!

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