Wednesday, January 6, 2021

This special world

Another nine happy images
You can expect more in 
this format!
Photos and paintings
gathered from the files of
Barbara Muir © 2021
Upper right corner Florence
from our apartment,
Lower left corner, my main colours
on Instagram in 2020
The rest are obvious.

The world of blogs, and social media in general, is often derided as a huge
waste of our time. That strikes me as so wrong. Not that I don’t often
spend too long looking at Instagram, Facebook, and the world of blogs,
 but there is something vitally important about this world, which is
keeping us going at the moment when we can’t go out into the real world. 
We can't hug our friends, see our families, go to restaurants, or stand in crowds
clapping at spontaneous music that happens in a park. But we can still
connect -- and the deep support, the inspiration, the kindness in those
connections are powering us through this hard time.

Thank you to everyone on social media, in the blog world, Facebook,
and Instagram for the beautiful posts you share, which make
me feel so happy, and that not only is life worth living, but that so much
awaits us when this nasty virus is finally over.

I am so grateful to all of you -- my friends, and supporters in this virtual
world. Thank you 1 million. Here’s to a helpful, hopeful, and happy year
to come. 

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