Sunday, January 3, 2021

Word of the Year -- Happy

Steven and Me laughing
I know that I'm lucky I married
a man who loves to laugh. 
This photo was taken at Christmas in 
2007, but laughter is a
lovely part of our family life.
Chris Muir © 2007

Happiness has taken a beating as a goal in recent years.  But that's
too bad.  I've witnessed the transformation that happens in my
students, and friends when they discover ways to increase their

The artist Veronica Funk posted a piece on Instagram about choosing
a word of the year, to motivate herself, and keep her on course.
I read the link in her bio to the article about that idea, and thought,
"Why not?"  

As someone who teaches writing, the concept of just one word
guiding a whole year, seemed at first like an enormous burden on
the chosen word.  But hey!  Happy seems like the ideal word for
me.  It is a state I am often in, and frequently redirecting myself
toward.  And it's not, as some people think, a selfish idea -- because
how I feel affects the people around me, and if I can be happy,
I can help others to be happy.

So thank you Veronica. You have made me HAPPY, and I hope I
can spread joy in 2021. 

Have a choosing your driving force word day.

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