Thursday, February 17, 2022

Finding joy in The Month of Love

Wonder Water Image #2
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014
(The postcard Mike has by his cash
at Gino's Shoe Repair in Toronto,
is this painting which I do love.)

How do you find joy in this hard time we’re going through. In some parts of
the world things are opening up again. But for some of us who are worried
 about being vulnerable to new variants of the virus it won’t be possible to
 enjoy that freedom yet.

So how do you stay happy even with the restrictions? Apparently creativity
 is like a happy friend that you can talk to whenever you want to. I read this
 today and it made me happy just reading it. So whatever your creative force
 is maybe you can use it today. Are you a cook, do you sew, do you build things,
 make movies, create art, write books or poetry?  Then I’m hoping you get to do
 some of that today

Something that helps me stay happy that’s been hard to do lately because of the
cold and icy conditions, is going for a walk. Today it is raining and expected
to change to freezing rain, and I plan to put on my icers and go for a walk.


I did take a very short walk in freezing rain from my car to the shoe repair shop.
It was so nice to see the owner, Mike, who dusted off a postcard of one of my
paintings that is by his cash. He agreed to fix a very ragged purse of mine that
is my favourite. 

Wishing you a wildly creative day. 


Jennifer Rose said...

i'm not really going anywhere, bit too risky for me but i'v got a bunch of new books to read and some of them dealing with origami which makes me happy (well when i can figure out some of the more complicated folds lol)

Barbara Muir said...

I agree with you Jennifer Rose. We're not going anywhere either.
But we do drive out to the west end of the city, where there are
some spacious parks. If it's not way below zero Celsius, or icy,
we can go for a walk and feed the ducks, geese and swans. That is
a huge treat for us.


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