Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The whole point -- Love means be loving


Steven with me inside the Love sculpture by 
6th Avenue in New York City 
Unknown photographer 2012

The photo tonight is of one of my favourite sculptures in New York
City, the Love sculpture by Robert Indiana.  I think they may have
moved it since this photo was taken.  But for years when we'd go to
New York because I was in an art show there, we'd be thrilled each
time we saw this work.

It's close to Central Park, across from one of our favourite
restaurants, and there are always people taking photos, or having
photos taken like this one, and the point is clear.  They love one

It always makes me happy in what sometimes feels like a cynical
world to see people rejoicing because they care about one another.
My favourite thing about Valentine's Day, and the Month of Love
is that feeling of celebration.  Thank you to Ruthie Tucker at the
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery for loving, showing and selling my
work. I have shown there at least 10 times, and each time had the
most joyous time both at the opening and in that great big city
called New York. Steven and I long to go back when the virus 
subsides and it feels safe to travel.

Have a loving your life day.


Jennifer Rose said...

there are a bunch of these in different places, was used as an example of how graphic design can be used for different things at uni

Barbara Muir said...

True. I think we even have one here in Toronto somewhere. I love
them. Nice type face too. Sounds like that was a good course at
uni. The word uni made me laugh.

Love your work.


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