Saturday, February 19, 2022

Loving art and food in the Month of Love


Salad Obsession
Acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 inches
Barbara Muir ©

Steven and I were talking today, as we often do about what we love
the most about travelling.  This painting combines two of those things --
eating in restaurants of cafés we love, and food. The setting for this
painting is gone now.  It was the café in the MoMA in New York city that
looked out onto a covered balcony, with a view of the downtown 
beyond.  The last time we went to New York the MoMA had turned
the café into another gallery, and closed off the view.  But how
beautiful it was to eat there at the time I painted this.

Of course the other part of the combination that we love is seeing 
art in fabulous galleries like the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art).
The MoMA collection has a van Gogh that I love, and a room full of
Monet's waterlily paintings.  I have sat in that room just staring at
the works for as long as possible. I can never fully absorb Monet's
brushwork, or use of colour. I am always dazzled.

So on this the 19th day of The Month of Love, I want to say thank 
you to the major galleries of the world, for taking care of the art.
And thank you too for the great meals we've eaten to prepare
for seeing art.

Have a loving your memories day.


Jennifer Rose said...

im the same with Sargent's work, can spend hours looking at it (when i get to a gallery)

Barbara Muir said...

I'm the same with Sargent too. The Met in New York has a large collection of Sargents, and I love them, and marvel at them.


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