Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Happy Monthaversary in the Month of Love

Irises celebrate
Barbara Muir © 2022

Today is the 2, 2, 2022. Horoscope people, and magic numbers people
say it's a very special day.  I'm not a horoscope person, but it turns out
that this time they're right. And it is a special day for us, because this is
the date that we celebrate every month -- the day of our first date. I've
told you this before.  A friend asked me what we did on our first date.
The answer is we went out to dinner at a place on Yonge Street south of
St. Clair that's no longer there, that had a D.J. and dancing.  A friend of
 mine worked as a server there, and brought us Singapore Slings.  

Steven walked me home. And we have been "dating" ever since. 
We married 11 months after our first date, and the wedding Monthaversary
is in two days on the 24th.

The photo today is of the beautiful irises on the kitchen table. Steven
is making dinner. Probably no wine because we both have work to do.
But we have a great treat for dessert.

Have a loving your life day.


Jennifer Rose said...

I cant remember the exact date hubby and me met, sometime in october lol was in New Zealand backpacking so didnt have a calender and had just got off of a 22 hour plus flight a few days before lol

Jennifer Rose said...

ok figured it out, we met on october 1st 2004 and then married the next year on halloween 😀

Barbara Muir said...

How sweet! What a wonderful place to meet -- backpacking. I think my husband and I first met because he was my friend's brother, and he took care of my cat, while I was away. But a week before our first real date, we went to a baseball game that got rained out, and he took his sister and her husband and me out for dinner. We sat together on the bus and streetcar going to and from the venue and I was for sure smitten.


Barbara Muir said...

Jennifer Rose,

I forgot to say your name. I meant how sweet Jennifer Rose.


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