Saturday, May 24, 2008

Animals and art

Mike Dooley who is part of The Secret and a wonderful guy, says that if you want to get along with other people, you should try letting them be "other people".
I have a massive urge to advise my friends, students, people
I meet in grocery stores, and anyone else who will listen --
like you for instance. But some of the most influential
characters in my life aren't people, and I've learned a great
deal, and had some of my happiest moments with them.
Our family animals are great stress relievers, great sleepers,
great eaters and they love a walk and a game more
than any people I know.

Our two cats, Timbah and Fiona, and Zoey the dog, rank
playing right up there as a life enhancer. After sleeping,
eating, and cuddling, play's the thing.

In the first picture you can see that Fiona won Steven's
heart over from day one. In the second picture she
is insanely jealous of the attention Steven is giving
to Zoey (on his lap). Fiona must be number one,
so here's her strategy for removing animals in her
way -- bug them. 'I know,' she thinks, 'I'll play with Zoey's
tail, and she'll get off Steven's lap!'

This is blog 101 for me, so I should either sign up
for Psych 101, or Watch 101 Dalmatians,
in honour of Zoey who is 50% Dalmatian, 50% Border Collie/Lab,
and a delightful combo.

Have a playful day!


Anonymous said...

Those are lovely pictures of Steven and friends!
Thanks for sharing!

Barbara Muir said...


they are cute aren't they!


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