Friday, May 16, 2008

Elegant spring

We've been on the road through the countryside of Ontario in one of the loveliest springs I can remember. After what we lived through in the winter, (the winter shot was taken
December 16 at the very beginning
of the season. You can still see our tree) it's not much wonder that people are anxious to
see the heat climb.

The instant the snow melted people were out
buying plants and sticking them into the garden.

Luckily the spring hasn't moved into summer
as quickly as it does some years, so the blooming
trees are coming out and lasting just a touch
longer. They are striking.

Awhile ago I talked in the blog about Angela
my neighbour, and how her tree made me
think of her. This is her tree, a glorious
memorial that will be unacknowledged when
we leave our house, but stirs my memory

Back to spring I don't think I've ever seen
people appreciate the season so much.
They may be rushing the shorts, but big deal --
There's a sea of blue forget-me-nots in the

This is the next in the series of Elizabeth
pictures. At this point the painting is
getting close to finished. I overexposed
the image, and some of the colour's
vibrancy was lost. More tomorrow.

Have a revelling day!

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