Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fine tuned Tuesday

Well friends,

We have sure been busy around here today. Just clicking away
at life. It was nice and cool -- my favorite spring
weather. I wrote my list of things to manage last night and got through most of them.

What I didn't do was try and weed the masses of forget-me-nots out of my garden. Apparently it was once thought that if your sweetheart wore these flowers near his heart, he
wouldn't forget you. Mine would look odd leading a seminar in Calgary with a little bouquet of these delicate blue beauties tucked in his dress shirt pocket. So I trust that I'm not that easy to forget. Yes the plant is invasive, determined, but undeniably way beyond pretty in its sapphire dominion over our yard. I plunked
a bunch in an old enamel jug.

I'm also sprouting morning glory seeds, pictured
here beside a vase of the perfect roses Steven buys me
each week to ensure my memory stays sharp.

Tonight I got to class with about 40 minutes left. The
voluptuous model had glowing skin, and a mane of long
curly chestnut hair, so I set to work. I'd pre-painted the
canvas with a red ground, ideally suited to her skin tone.
I'm training myself to see what I want to focus on quickly,
because I rarely have more than an hour to paint in class.
So here's my sketch.

Have an Elysian day!

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