Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Toronto's great walks

I'm including a painting tonight that I did from reference based
on a walk on the beach in The Beaches in Toronto one March break
a few years ago. I liked the snapshot and the painting followed.
The painting reminds me of the lovely end of day light we walked
in that afternoon in March, when suddenly it was a bit warmer, and
people opened their coats. Very young teenagers of course couldn't
even wear coats in the terrific heat of a 4 degree Celsius day -- and
thus the sweatshirt. I just love the casual, captured goofiness of young
people, which I think I got. Many people have told me that this is my
best painting, but I'd argue that. It's a bit too high realist for me. I love
the colour, and I almost accomplished what I was trying to do, but
I want a looser feeling most of the time.

I've been walking like crazy with my friend, Suzanne, trying to
walk off a winter of too much snow for comfortable walks. It
doesn't seem to matter which direction we set off in, we run
into such beauty. Lots of people revile this city for its size,
and ugliness, but I think they're missing the point. If you
get down inside the city, and start walking there are just
so many pretty streets, lovely gardens and parks. I walked for
about an hour and a half on Sunday with my dog, and we
came across a new park about every three minutes. Zoey
was irritated because I was a woman on a mission. I
was walking, not stopping to let the dog sniff the tulips.

Have a great walking day.


Anonymous said...

Barbara, I love in that painting that everyone is facing a different way. Sometimes walking with teens and 20-somethings who are your kids is like herding cats!
That link you inserted led me to this wonderful photoblog of all things Toronto
What a great reference tool!
I LOVED living in East York because most people there had dug up their front lawns and planted lots of flowers and sometimes veg. The best part of my work day was the walk to the subway because I had to pass about a 100 front yard gardens and witness the transformation. the gardens were pretty wild and carefree......though some were tightly manicured like I've seen here in LA.
I agree that it's great that we can walk off the snowy winter! See you when I get back!!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Flora,

I can't wait to see you.

When are you here?


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