Friday, May 2, 2008

The Opening

There is no doubt about it that art is a strange profession. Although I
try to give you a step by step feeling from time to time in
this blog, art is not a linear process. But the art life is not only not
linear, but full of surprises and delights. Despite my sense of humour,
and love of people, I am shy in some circumstances. Let's face it,
I paint at home. I have tried plein air with my friend Flora, and
I loved the experience, but couldn't produce a painting that way. I
need a figure for the figure part, and either the room or photo
reference for the rest. I usually take my own reference shots and
did for the paintings hanging in the opening tonight. So I paint alone
except for the model in my studio, following an idea hatched in my
mind, and then pack the results up in plastic bags, drive them across
town, and submit them to a show with no idea whether they worked
or not.

Poem by the Don
24" x 48"
The Illusive Don
12" x 48"
For Sale

To my great relief when I arrived at the DVAC opening tonight, I
felt happy about where my paintings were hung, and that they
looked all right. So I was completely surprised when I won an
Honourable Mention for the East York category -- yep my idealized,
Don River paintings won an award. That was such
a surprise. I had missed the main prize giving and was rushed
up with my coat still on to accept the certificate. How sweet. Thanks
judges and the Don Valley Art Club and the Don River, my inspiration,
and to my fantastic model.

About the images One is 2' wide x 4' high. The other is 1' wide x
4' high. They were painted clamped together as one unit, and
then separated at the end to make sure they worked alone too.

Have a rewarding night.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Barbara! Your work is beautiful and I love your blog!

Barbara Muir said...


I haven't had time to respond to
your most recent blog, but yours is delicious. The L.A stuff makes me drool.God I love California. Let
the naysayers say what they will,
what a beautiful place!

Have fun,

Anonymous said...

Barbara, the flowers here are amazing and THEY ARE EVERYWHERE.....just like you said.
The blue skys are pretty nice too. look like a California girl. haha! truly!

flo said...

good for you! deserve it too!

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts everyone. It was wonderful. I'm going to sit the show tomorrow.


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