Sunday, April 12, 2009

An easy Sunday

Quick line sketch of Ranunculus flowers
we bought today
black marker on bond paper

Because our youngest had to go back to school this morning,
and because we had a great family party out of the city
yesterday, we had finished both the Easter meal and the hunt
by Saturday morning. That left Easter with a luxurious
feeling, only slightly undermined by the pile of marking I
have to do and the work Steven has to finish. We are both
wild with work. It was a chilly but absolutely gorgeous
day. We ate lunch on the back porch -- wearing ski jackets,
but hey! It was lovely. We had a short walk in the nearby
ravine and I was closely observing the dozens of robins
running around enjoying the sun.

Flower store roses and the long feared Lilies

And we bought gorgeous flowers in our favorite flower store.
They know us so well that they make a special trip into the
back of the store to get us the "best" flowers they can find.
That makes us feel great.

We have not bought Easter lilies for about 20 years, because
back then when we traveled by subway most of the time
I was approached by a religious nutter when I was carrying
a lily home. He got rather frightening asking me whether
I knew the true meaning and screaming at me when I
didn't give satisfactory answers. At the time I was reading
Milton Erickson the psychiatrist, and I knew that his answer
to crazy people he met on the street was,"yes -- it's exactly 10:30."
When you repeat this phrase truly insane people look at you
like you're crazy and wander off. It eventually worked on
this subway madman, and I got home safely with the lily. I
bought them this year because I thought they'd make Steven
laugh, which they did remembering our long ago incident.
And I think they're pretty combined with other flowers.

Roses in an antique jug

Have a loving-flowers-for-themselves day.


Cheryl Quist said...

Followed you to your blog from a comment you made on Edward Gordon's... I'm from Calgary so I'd drop in and say hi from a fellow Canuck!
I'll be sure to remember what I'm supposed to say to nutbar's on the c-train - thanks for the chuckle!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks a lot. Always glad to meet a fellow Canadian. I don't run into too many nutbars lately. But then I drive. Try this out though -- it does work. The only time it's risky is at... 10:30.


r garriott said...

Your lily story inspired me to pull out a lily painting on the blog today. Also look for a photo of my kitchen soon... oh, look, it's exactly 10:30!

Mona Diane Conner said...

What perfectly gorgeous roses, and the antique vase is beautiful too!

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