Thursday, November 25, 2010

Artists for Africa

Photo from the Peace Matunda Orphanage and School slideshow

Tonight we are going to a party at the Pilot Tavern
here in Toronto in support of my friend Gill Cameron
who is going to teach in Arusha, Tanzania in Africa
this winter.  Her whole family, Gill, her husband Bruce
Harbinson, and the girls, Emily and Meredith are going
to spend Christmas together there before Gill begins her
volunteer work.
Artwork from the Peace Matunda school and orphanage

Last June when I showed with Gill, all of the proceeds
from the sale of her work were going towards this project.
So tonight we will celebrate with her at the fundraising
party and learn more about the project.  I may have
more to say when I get home.

Later...What an event!

My friend Gill is an amazing watercolour painter,
a fantastic artist and an all round great person,as
kind as they come, shy, petite and strong as steel.
So this winter she will be working at the Peace
Matunda orphanage and school.  A young couple
started the orphanage because they were taking children
into their own home, and they wanted to be able to
help more children.  Tonight's party helped raise
enough money to build a whole new room on the
school, and to furnish it! It was a wonderful night
and it finished with a video of the kids that was
deeply moving.  Gill is going to live at the school,
sleep in a bunk bed with four roomates, and teach
art.  She has a duffle bag packed with art supplies and
she's very excited.
One of the children of Peace Matunda

To link to Peace Matunda click here, and if part  of
your Thanksgiving involves giving to others, this
may be the place you're looking for.  I think it
will be a huge adventure for Gill, and also a hard
place to leave.  But she will miss Bruce and her
family so much, that she'll be happy to come home
too.  I wish her the best time, all the love in the
world, and I am incredibly proud of her.

 Gill Cameron (right) and her husband Bruce Harbinson at the end of
a great  evening.  Thanks so much you two for all that you do.

Have a loving-your-friends-for-their-spirit-day


Anonymous said...

horjust love Gill's watercolours. they are gorgeous.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

Aren't they great. I can't wait to see the work she'll produce in Africa. It should be really exciting.

XO Barbara

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