Monday, November 29, 2010

Hey -- You're on my list!

My computer is having some difficulty uploading
the material tonight, but let me carry on.

Self portrait on Monday night
Charcoal on bond paper
12 x 14 inches
Barbara Muir © 2010

It's been an incredibly busy day,  and we're having our street 
dug up -- this time for water, for the second time since the
summer.  I decided to do a self portrait, simply because I'm
here and cooperative, but what do you know my hand
immediately moved into the position that drove me crazy
in high school photos.  You know the ones taken by the
photographer who made every girl pose in this pose, and got 
every guy to look tough.   And there's my hand doing it 

I leave you with a video, because it is getting late and time
to move to the next thing on the list.  

Have a happily-crossing-off-that-list day.


eldon said...

Nice drawing! And you look soooo thoughtful! I don't remember any of the photographers trying to make me look tough though. Perhaps they knew it was a lost cause before they even began. :)

Marilyn Flanegan said...

I so enjoy your posts, Barbara!Lists rule! They keep me on point, but during the holiday season I need to remind myself to be more realistic with my time. If I have to make room by writing vertically in the margins of the page, obviously I'm over committing and I need to simplify.
: )
What also helps me tremendously was advice you shared in a previous post...simply substitute "I have to ___" with "I get to ___".

Love that.

Melinda said...

I do love your self portrait. Well done!

Thank you, too, for the sweet video chat. I see you making more of these and having lots of fun. I like to think of lists as open ended things. What doesn't get done in one day, goes on the list for tomorrow. Eventually, things get done or they're just not that important. In any case, you are the master of the list.

Stay warm!

p. s. Even here in the desert it gets so cold that I get to wear my OMG-it's-the-sweater-that-creates-its-own-heat sweater and I'm STILL chilly (-3 Celsius last night), and that tough old German Shepherd dog refused to go on his morning walk. Brrrrr.

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