Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

I am with Alyson Stanfield on this -- I think
love matters, and any occasion to celebrate love and
being loving is vitally important. Of course I don't think
we should be loving on only one day of the year.
I think the world, and the world of art needs us to
be loving every day of the year.   What I do think is
important on this the 13th day of the month of love
is to celebrate with everyone who matters to us -- from
family, to friends, to colleagues, to art curators, gallery owners,
collectors -- everyone who is kind and generous in
our world, and to extend those boundaries in the
recognition that it is one world, and we need to see
that love is everywhere for us.

I love hearts and what they symbolize.  I love all of
the wonderful people in my life, who are kind,
funny, loving and supportive to me, to my family
and in the parts of my life that matter.

So this one is for all of you.  On the Month of
Love Day 13, Happy Valentine's Day every day.

Have a loving-the-people-in-our-world day.


verna vogel said...

You are one very special lady! Thank you for your thoughts and your love, here on your blog. Your paintings are gorgeous.

Evelyn said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you Barbara. I love your month of love and reading your posts about love make me think about love all day long! Thank you.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

Thank you so much, and Happy Valentine's Day. Thank you for both your love and the constant
inspiration you give me all year round. So exciting. Hope that February is a Month of Love
for you all month. We artists have to keep the world turning. Right?


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Evelyn,

Thank you so much. I think we all need to think about love all day long. That's
not always easy, but always worth it. We put the force of love out there, and
it does come back to us multiplied as I think Louise Hay says. Hope you
had an amazing day.


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