Sunday, February 26, 2017

On the 26th Day of the Month of Love -- The Artist Project

Joyce Fournier with a few of her large collection
of bold abstract work. 
Today was a gorgeous sunny day, a big deal in this
grey city, and I celebrate the wonderful exhibition
The Artist Project on this superb day.  My dear
friend, and former gallery director, Joyce Fournier
got me tickets, and we hurried through the exhibition
to see her glorious abstract paintings -- huge and
vibrant and a major departure for Joyce. A band of
our unknown friend here -- sunlight -- snuck across
her painting as I was taking her picture, and the
painting seemed to welcome the attention.
Me with Kim Rempel and her wonderful abstract 
work at The Artist Project
Next we dropped in on my good friend, and amazing
artist, Kim Rempel, who also offered me tickets.
Her abstract work is absolutely breathtaking, and
I love seeing it in person, because I always check
out her work on her blog.  Huge and vibrant and
wonderfully designed I love, love, love Kim's work.
We met in 2011 when we were both in a show celebrating
100 years of International Women's Day, and have been
 friends and supporters of each other's art ever since.
Me with artist Gill Cameron at The Artist Project
Gill Cameron and I go way back as friends and
artist companions who have been in many shows
together with just the two of us.  I love those
exhibitions because they attract our local community
of collectors who cheer us on, support our creativity,
and also love our work.  Gill's beautiful work features
mostly the Canadian landscape, and particularly
the beauty of Georgian Bay.  Her watercolours
are vibrant, rich, unique in style and widely
beloved and collected.
Artist Ramona Nordal with some of her gorgeous work at The Artist Project
I met Ramona Nordal in 2015 and 2016 showing at the Super
Wonder Gallery in shows curated by Daniel Anaka.
Her stylized, vibrant portraits are completely unique
and captivating.  The faces in her work are
mesmerizing, and without a doubt she paints the
most beautiful eyes of any artist I know.  Ramona
was having a great time at the Artist Project and
selling very happily.  I was delighted to see her
work in person, because I follow her works in
progress on Facebook, and the work in person
is even more powerful and compelling.
Catherine Jeffrey with her amazing cityscapes at The Artist Project
Catherine Jeffrey and I followed one another's blogs
before we met in person at the Outdoor Art Show
in Toronto.  I love her cityscapes of this city,
which absolutely capture the feeling of the
different moods brought on by light and weather in
the downtown world.  Frequently when I'm driving
home from teaching at night, I think, 'this looks
exactly like a Catherine Jeffrey painting.'
I love how she captures the colour created by
changes in atmosphere, with fog, snow, or
rain.  She is amazing.

Thanks to all the artists whose work inspired me no end today
as I walked through the exhibition at the Better Living Building
at the CNE.

Have a loving-seeing-your-friends'-art day


Mary Rose Christon said...

I too love this exhibition. I was there with a friend on Friday and came home so motivated. I love chatting with the artists and what a wonderful variety of work is on display.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Mary Rose,

Wasn't it amazing! I learned so much from talking to my artist friends, and
it was a pure joy to see their work.


Kim Rempel said...

Thank you for the kind words Barbara! Hugs.

Kim Rempel said...

Thanks for the kind words Barbara. And thank you for coming out to the show!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

Thank you so much for keeping me in touch about the show. It was so
exciting to see your work -- and I knew it would be. Wonderful!


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