Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Last day of the Month of Love -- Love lasts

My Dad (from his own self portrait)
Charcoal on Canson Mixed Media paper
13 x 14 inches
Barbara Muir © 2017
(My father loved black and white photography --
he had books by all of the greats in
that field.  He took beautiful colour
photos too, but that was not his
passion.  The photo I based my drawing on told
me so much about my father.  His love
of playing with light and his knowledge
about light is so evident.  Plus this
is my father in casual dress!  Yes
he would not leave his house, even
to go to the store for many years if
he wasn't dressed properly. Plus his sense
of humour came through in the merest 
suggestion of a smile.)
Not to end on a sad note, but this day in February
always has a special meaning for me because it was
my father's birthday.  My father died years ago, but
I think of him every year on his birthday, and
probably every other day of the year too.

So it is appropriate on this last day of the Month
of Love to think about the meaning of love on
a deep level.  And here's what I know.  Not only
is my father visible in my face, and in my way
of talking, my love of humour, and the fact that
I have been both a journalist and an artist, like him.
But the main connection I have with my Dad is in my

So the powerful message he would like me to convey
if he were alive on this the final day of the Month
of Love, is that love lasts.  It never goes away.  And
my Dad's love for me, and mine for him is a
wonderful thing, and always will be for me.

Isn't that comforting to know.  I think so.

Have a loving-the-people-who-love you day.


Mary Lou van Schaik said...

Dear Barbara - Your father was one class act. The few times I met him, I remember his unfailing courtesy and dignity. It's been a treat to savour your tributes to this Month of Love; what a fine way to close. Love - Mary Lou

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Mary Lou,

You nailed it. He was a class act. I was having this discussion with my brother,
trying to explain how unique he was -- how his casual look was a sports jacket
and a tie with a gold tie holder piercing through the holes in his collar.
Of course that wasn't the whole story. It never is, but I was always sure
that he loved me, and I know he knew the feeling was mutual.


Laurel Daniel said...

Hi Barbara, I have LOVED your month of LOVE! It was a daily treat to read your thoughts and travel down the road of gratitude with you. You are a remarkable woman. Thanks for your endless good will... I am thankful for YOU! XOXO

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laurel,

Oh my goodness what amazing work you've been doing! Thank you so much. I loved
the suggestion to move into your living room if you need space for a big painting.
I paint in the living room/dining room, but when no one's home also paint in the
kitchen as discreetly as possible. Artists eh? We have to do what we have to go.
You are soooo remarkable.


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