Friday, February 10, 2017

Taking a break -- Plus Music and Day 10 of the Month of Love

Fiona the cat, holding some long notes earlier tonight.
Her love of the piano is quite impressive.
How could I forget?  Well I didn't really, but I love
music to the maximum, maximum.  Not all music --
I do have favourites, but even outside of my favourite
music, I can be surprised and touched.  And put me
in any school concert, or live concert, and there is
every chance that I'll be moved to tears.

Fact is, the music that makes me feel fantastic is always
music I could dance to.  I loved the shows at Super
Wonder Gallery curated by Daniel Anaka because
he always featured musical acts, and played
great funky music throughout the long nights of
his double openings.  Can't wait until Super Wonder
gets going again in a new location.
Music celebrated the great art at this 
Super Wonder Gallery Show last year.

Today my son came over to load my computer
with music I'd like.  Every choice he made, made
me feel like dancing.

Tonight I am showing you a photo (sorry
no drawing or painting today) of the most serious
musician in our house right now.  Both of my children
are musical, and my oldest met his future bride
playing the Tuba in the local high school band.
(She played the Tuba too.) But now that Steven
and I just have the dog Sally, and two cats, Timbah and
Fiona living at home -- it turns out our siamese cat is
crazy about the piano.  I can figure out a tune (barely), but she
composes, plays by walking back and forth over the
keys and sometimes sitting down as in this photo,
to hold a bunch of dramatic notes.

Have a loving-the-music-of-your-life day.


verna vogel said...

Barbara, you are an amazing and wonderful person. I love you and I love your cat, Fiona, too!

Have a super duper day of love today!!!


Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Verna,

You too. Happy Valentine's Day. The whole month is a build to that -- which is delightful because
here in Toronto, the sun for the most part, has forgotten us. Luckily as artists we
learned long ago to make our own sun(s).


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