Monday, March 26, 2018

# 18 Keep going!

Dutch Tulip Field Dreams (work in progress)
Acrylic on canvas
20 x 24 inches
Barbara Muir © 2018

Small inconveniences like a broken wrist are an opportunity
to learn something.  For me it's that it will happen when it
happens.  It takes it's time.  I have been so lucky to have my
husband who's helped me with every household task I
can't do, and driven me to and from school for the
weeks that I've had a cast, because I can't carry anything.

And I've been so lucky to have friends who have driven
me places (I'm not driving yet), brought me dinner, and
flowers, and cheered me up with phone calls and visits
and tea.  Plus I've kept painting, and blogging.

Here's a painting I'm working on inspired by the joyful news
that a friend of mine in the Netherlands, who has been
having a very hard time because of an injury, is feeling
happy and getting back to her normal vivacity.  I went
to sleep the night after I heard this news, and dreamt of
a painting of tulip fields.  It is totally abstract in the main
because I have never seen the actual fields, or been to the
Netherlands, but I would so love to go and see them.

It's not completely finished, but I feel happy with it so
far.  Painting with a broken wrist in a cast has been a tricky
proposition -- but possible, and that was a very good thing
to discover.  So let's all keep going.

Have a keeping it all going day.


suzanneberry said...

Hi Barbara! I'm so sorry to hear of your wrist!! And glad to hear you're doing better.
The painting is coming along beautifully! So looking forward to seeing it progress.

Thank you so much for your kind words! I appreciate them and you so much!


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Suz,

Thank you so much. I am not planning to do much more. Just refine it here and there. It
means so much to me that you like it. I appreciate you and your loving work so much.
Please keep creating your beautiful art.


verna vogel said...

Hey Barbara,

I'm glad youa re not going to change this painting too much because it looks quite amazing right now! I'm sorry about your wrist too, and glad you have Steven, and glad you are still making images and that making images helps to keep your spirits up.

love love love - your gorgeous paintings, and your amazing positive attitude!


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

You are wonderful. There were a few things I made sure I could do when I broke my wrist,
and one of them was figuring out how to paint. True some jars of paint may be drying up
because opening twist lids is not my forte right now, but it is good to keep going.

I so love your work. It inspires me no end.


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