Saturday, March 10, 2018

Art of my father -- #3

A great day on the farm
© W.W. Muir
Oil on board
16 x 20 inches

My father should definitely have been #2, or combined #1 with
my mother, but like many artists I changed my mind.  And instead of
just writing about women, I'm writing about people.

The more I look at the photos that remain of my father's work,
the more I so appreciate his art.  I'm glad I own one painting,
and I hope my brother Andrew owns another.  The rest were sold
off in a job lot (not by me) for next to nothing, which breaks my
heart, so let's not go there.

My Dad was a stern, somewhat harsh father of young children,
and had four.  In that line up, I think the younger two may have
had less discipline, and perhaps more parental affection --
and as the second youngest I definitely saw my father's softer
side.  I had no doubts that he loved me, and he started painting
in part because of my interest in art in high school, and the
fact that I went to OCAD (The Ontario College of Art and Design).

He was entirely self taught, and his innate talent astounds me more
and more.  His eye for colour -- trained in photography first, his
art form before painting -- comes out in every painting.

My father was an amazing writer.  His letters take my breath away.
I thank him for any talent I might have.  And I also thank him big time
for taking us to a summer cottage every summer, and for living on the
Ottawa River, so we could visit and enjoy the dazzling countryside.

I miss you Daddy.

Have an appreciating your parents day


Flora Doehler said...

Oh Barbara. I see your clouds in his! Your work is, of course, much more sophisticated, skilled and professional, but there is that colour similarity and the movement of the clouds. I find that fascinating and I'm so glad that you posted this. xo <3

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Flora,

It was the first time I noticed that myself. That was my father's farm, and he sold it to go
back and work for the government. It was the first time I really saw the exuberance and
love in this work. Thanks for noticing that! Miss you.


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