Friday, March 9, 2018

Out of the blue and #2 My sister

Out of the blue 
Avery graphic material on Styrofoam
32 x 32 inches
Barbara Muir © 2018
I'll call this mixed media piece Out of the blue, because I went to
work on another painting, started cleaning out a drawer in the studio,
found the Avery Graphics material, and decided to cover this piece
of packing styrofoam.  This piece of styrofoam has been a cat gate in
 our kitchen for a few years, every weekday morning since
the stuff came into the house protecting a painting shipment.

It is grey pink, an all time not favourite colour of mine, so I know.
It works, it fits the opening to the hall, and stops the cats coming upstairs and
waking me up horrifically early in the morning.  But today I suddenly
decided to change it.  My broken wrist makes so many things hard to do,
but this was perfect.  The piece of styrofoam is light, the Graphics material
in scraps had its own shapes.  One side is done.  I may do the other

#2 My sister Sally

The Blue Sweater
acrylic on canvas
24" x 36"
Barbara Muir © 2005

I decided today that I won't just write about women, although I could,
and I won't make it dependent on having painted their portrait -- but I
have painted my sister.  My sister is an amazing and brave woman -- kind
and generous to a fault, funny beyond what you can imagine, a wonderful
mother, superb therapist, and super wife.  Plus she can really write.

But in my life she was at least as influential as my mother.  She often took
care of me when I was a little girl, and when I was older I couldn't wait
to travel to wherever she was living to talk to her about books, movies,
politics.  She has always been so much fun.  She is a keen supporter of
my work, and has bought many of my paintings over the years. Most of
all she is someone I love and who loves me.  She is there if I need her,
and there if I just want to talk and laugh.  Right now she's living in
California -- a long way away, but when I talk to her on the phone the
miles vanish.

Thank you Sally for all that you've taught me, all the love you've given me
I love you to the max.

Have an enjoying playing with art day.

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