Sunday, March 11, 2018

My sweet brother #4

Shorelines, The Gatineau River
My Brother Andrew
Acrylic on canvas
12" x 12"
Barbara Muir @ 2008
I switched from talking just about women in 18 people who've
influenced my life when I thought about my brother Andrew. He
is without a doubt one of my best friends.  We are as different as can
be, yet share a love of writing, of art, of talking about ideas. This
wonderful man has had me in hysterics since before he could talk.
 As children we used to spend time in the strange outdoor world of
 nothing to do. Our parents expected us to "play" outside in all weather
 and we did. I think that's why we both love animated conversations now.
Frequently there was nothing to "play " with and we would just kind of
hang around and talk!

Anyone who knows us knows that we still have that ability. And
that early banishment from living indoors did teach us an indelible
love of nature, and the ability to be creative. Still to come -- 99 toys
you can make with an acorn! Maybe it taught us to love the screens
that now run our lives too, because we were highly limited on how
much TV we could watch. Nothing would have made us more
thrilled than a TV you could hold in your hand!

I think my brother is braver than most people I know. He is
also kinder, and I love that about him! And despite tragedy in
his life is still funny and compassionate.

Have a loving your brother day.


newyorkgirl said...

Beautiful story Barbara! It just goes to show that being different from each other can be a wonderful

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks so much newyorkgirl

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