Thursday, March 8, 2018

Eighteen people who inspire me in 2018 -- #1

Isabel Muir
by Christopher Muir
Christopher Muir @ 2007

I have to start with my mother, and I don't have a painting of
her -- I wish I did.  I have a photo by my son, Christopher,
which shows her strength, her beauty, and the nature she protected
with letters, her voice on call-in radio on CBC, in protest marches even when
she had a serious chronic lung condition, and with donations.

A couple of weeks before she died, I sat with my mother, who
was totally blind, helping her fill out cheques to organizations she
believed in that protected the environment -- wolves, whales, parkland.
Those weren't her only passions -- she gave to women's shelters, money
for hurricane and famine victims.  Small amounts to be sure -- but this mattered.

She was a good, kind and supportive mother. Sure she could be
critical, but in small ways that didn't matter at all. Because what
shone through with her was her love for her family, her intellect,
her concern about the future of the planet.

Mommy -- you were and are an amazing role model.  I wish you
were here today.  You're number one with me on this International
Women's Day!

Have an honouring the women who inspire you day!


Pam Holnback said...

Love this and look forward to reading all 18! Even though my mom passed away when my sisters and I were teen agers, and we have spent most of our lives with out a mother, I would also put my mom at #1 on my list. You could always do a painting from a photos. Not quite the same as from life, but heartfelt, never the less. xx

Daniel Anaka Artist said...

Paint the photograph? Great picture

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Pam,

Thank you so much. I switched to people from women! That must have been so hard to lose
your mother so young. I'm sorry. Yes I know I could, I just haven't. It's almost like
my mother is too important to paint -- which I know makes no sense.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much. I think the photo does the job. And I love the memory of Christopher and Megan
setting up for the shot, lighting it down on the waterfront with huge lights and
of convincing my mother to pose.


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