Wednesday, July 10, 2019

11 years ago on this day I talked about the Power of the Positive

In the kitchen
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 36 inches
Barbara Muir © 

Tonight I felt curious about what was going on on this day 11 years ago
when I started the blog.  As it happens on July 6, 2008 I broke my
ankle walking my dog on the slick,  newly watered grass on a hill in
our neighbourhood park.  My dog at that time, Zoey, (she was a great
dog and died at almost 14 in 2013) pulled on the leash when she saw
another dog, and I fell off balance and landed on my ankle with a crunch.
The pain was through the roof.

I had started blogging, so I described my recovery.  It blows me away
to this day to read about valiant Steven, my husband wheeling me in
a rented wheelchair over to the park so that we could take our routine
"walks" together.  What a guy!

By July 10 -- four days after the accident I was determined to pick it
up and be positive.  That is something I appreciate about the people
I admire, and who have been wonderful examples in my life.  They
work on being positive.

And thinking about that time eleven years ago, how lucky I feel that
I was dancing in the kitchen today with the cats.  Today we had the A.C. on
because it was super hot outside.  And I felt jubilant every time I turned
away from the brilliant flowers and heat in the garden into the cool of
the house,

I'm showing a painting I did early on in my life as an acrylic painter.  It
was probably 2004 or 5, before I started blogging.  The model was
a wonderful woman, and she posed for me in our kitchen with her
coffee.  My painting has changed so much since then.  I can still feel
the watercolour influence in this one.  But I love the expression and

Have an enjoying the Power of Being Positive day.

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