Saturday, December 7, 2019

An addiction -- to beauty

Breakfast in the hotel
(the star of the show)
Upper right section
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 48 inches
Barbara Muir © 2012
I suppose this is true.  I absolutely must have beauty -- but
before that I must have coffee.  So I've been thinking about
writing about Paris tonight, because Wing Lee a friend and
collector is in Paris this weekend and posting deliciously
beautiful photos that make me long like crazy for that gorgeous
city.  What is it about travel -- knowing you are going somewhere
exciting, that makes you think of every other exciting place
you've ever been?  It stirs up memories so vivid and wonderful,
that you realize it would good to travel more often.

The image tonight is of one corner of a 4 piece painting.  I was
listening to David Hockney when I painted this -- and Hockney
prefers to go large.  He frequently puts smaller paintings together
to make one huge one, and that was my goal here -- big!
And beautiful.

But more importantly one aspect of travel that I love, which won't
be happening in New York on this upcoming visit is breakfast in
the hotel room (the hotel we're staying in doesn't feature room
service).  This painting was inspired by two amazing hotel
servers who wheeled a table of food into our room, designed it,
made sure everything looked beautiful, then pulled out our
chairs for us, and put the glorious, blue linen napkins on our laps.
I mean.

The coffee was hot, the food delicious, the mood romantic. Perfect.

Have a day filled with memory making beauty.

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