Monday, December 16, 2019

Great class and a nightmare on my computer

Tracey Moore of CityLine
Happy Time
Acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 inches
Barbara Muir © 2011
(Glitches happen.  When I was on
the Tracey Moore show 8 years ago
drawing her live, my assistant at the time
forgot to bring all of my materials.  We improvised,
but I have been a list fanatic since that day.)
It does happen.  In the age of magnificent communication
things go wrong.  I have been trying all night to upload a
video for you.  I made a sweet one of shots from our weekend
trip to New York City for the opening of the group show
I am in at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, and every single
thing I've tried to get it to you has failed.

So I will get help, and sometime in the next week or so put it
up for you.

I found a quote from my blog that made me feel super happy
despite these trivial computer glitches and here it is:

"If I had a million dollars -- wait a minute
isn't that a song?  It is -- by the Canadian
group The Barenaked Ladies.  Anyway
if I had multiple millions I'd open up
the Barbara Muir Happiness Center at one
of the colleges or universities here, and have
the experts on how to get and stay happy
help students free of charge full time."

One small change I'd make to that today (I wrote it
in 2015) is just to make it The Happiness Center.
I don't need my name on it anymore.  If I had the money
to create this lovely place, everyone would know
I'd done it.

Thank you to my wonderful Monday night class, who had their
last class tonight.  It was great.  And completely offset any
frustration I'm having with the cyber world.

Have an enjoying what makes you happy day.


Steven said...

Merry Christmas Barbara, and may your computer problems be forgotten,
so we can see
your video
from NYC.

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Steven. It hasn't happened yet. I think I need a teenager. They
are good at this kind of thing.


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