Monday, December 16, 2019

Go ahead and be funny!

One of the beautiful paintings I saw at the Museum of 
Modern Art in New York City on Thursday.
We've just arrived home in Toronto.  Our flight was delayed
by 2 hours. So I'm hoping Pierre Bonnard won't
mind me sharing this lovely work -- which was at the
end of a hallway like an afterthought.  
But wow! It is amazing.
Dining room Overlooking the Garden (The
Breakfast Room)
oil on canvas
Pierre Bonnard 
1930 - 31
The first thing I learned in 2019
Looking back on the posts I wrote at this time last year,
I was trying to answer a challenge from the writer/photographer
Howard Wolinsky who did the You Tube interview that got me
on the Oprah Winfrey show ten years ago.  Last year it was the
2018 things you learned in 2018.  So this year it would be
the 2019 things you learned in 2019.

Let's start with this one.  Go ahead and be funny.  The most
memorable person I met today in a sea of people at the
airport was a young man who dared to be funny.   I know
life is hard right now all over the world, which is all the more
reason for funny people to get people laughing.  Nothing
makes you forget your troubles faster than a good shared

So this is one thing I learned in 2019.  Humour matters.  It
matters in the face of climate change, it matters in the face
of sorrow, or illness, or worry.  It can't solve any of the
world issues, but we can't shut it down because of that.

Thank you to the funny people in my life (my whole family
and most of my friends).  You make life more enjoyable
on a daily basis.

Have a wonderful day. 

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