Sunday, December 8, 2019

This happened -- Happy Holidays -- The Eiffel tower lives on Cherrywood

Our Eiffel Tower is up
Let the holidays begin!
(Seriously I am working until 
the 22nd probably, but we can
dream -- right?)
In recent years holiday decoration has meant the Eiffel Tower
I bought a few years ago.  It has to be put together piece by piece
every year, like building a sculpture, and that requires a lot of
patience on the part of my husband, who does the building.
(Thank you Steven!)

Plus now, all of the original lights have long since quit the
game, and Steven also does all of the arranging of the lights
on this beauty.  Done.  She is out on the front lawn
announcing to the world -- that one of our ideas of a
holiday includes Paris.  Yes!

When I first bought the decoration Steven was surprised
at how popular it was with the neighbours.  Which is
so nice.  Little kids make their parents walk by our house
so they can see it.

And it is pretty.  Happy Holidays.  


Rondi Adamson said...

Love it!

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Rondi,

We'd love to see you and Patrick either near our Eiffel tower, or in
your house over the holidays.


Steven said...

That Eiffel tower is indeed a work of art, a true labour of love, the Piece de Resistance of Cherrywood Avenue. N'est ce pas?

Barbara Muir said...

Oui monsieur! Vraiment!


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