Wednesday, April 15, 2020

How are you doing? Write me back with the best and worst things that have happened during the virus.

For David Lobenberg
Self portrait
acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 inches
Barbara Muir © 2009
(I did this portrait for David Lobenberg's
June Paint Off in 2009
You can read about it here
Sadly David Lobenberg was 
coming to teach in Oakville
in the fall, this year and I don't
 think that will happen. I was so
looking forward to actually
meeting my blogger friend.)

Here's an idea for today.  What are the five best, and
five worst things that have happened to you recently
because of COVID 19?  My list is just an attempt to
talk about the subject.  I'm sure yours is better.

Before I start I went to a local small grocery store
today to pick up avocados and tulips.  And the same man
was behind me as was behind me last week (the
last time I went shopping) when we went out for some
Easter goodies at a drug store quite a ways north of our
neighbourhood.  That time the man told me that my mask 
was useless. This time before I recognized him
I asked him to please social distance.  Then I said, 
"I know you!"  And he recognized me and laughed.
"And I'm still wearing the same useless mask," I said.
And he laughed again.  This man had trained in
hazardous protective gear in the British Army and knew
what he was talking about.  So I said, "but now we're
Besties."  And that is a happy COVID story. 

Bests: (not in order)

1. Realizing how lucky we are to live in Canada where
health care is universal.

2. Talking to family members on the phone.

3. Seeing friends from far away when on a walk.

4. Talking to artist friends on Skype, and 
feeling joyous (so needed).

5 . Getting wonderful work from my students.

Worsts:  (not in order)

1. Dealing with people who are so stressed out
by the isolation that they are uncharacteristically nasty.

2.  Not seeing any of the people I usually see in my
life -- family, friends, my printer, art store people.

3. Hearing about the hardship of friends and family
working on the frontline, or living in the worst
areas of the virus.

4. Cancelled art shows, school classes, parties, 
almost everything.

5. The daily worry and uncertainty.

Now you.  How is it going?  Please stay safe and
stay healthy.

Have a living your best life day.


laura said...

I love your self-portrait, Barbara. It and you are beautiful!
I'd say my worst are pretty much the same as yours, and add living in a country without universal healthcare.
Good things;
1) my cats, 2) spring!, 3) painting, 4) helping and getting offers of help, 5) walking to the Delaware Bay. 🌷

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laura,

Thank you so much. Yes spring is awesome. I'm glad you can walk to Delaware Bay. I haven't had enough time for
painting because I'm trying to finish the one course I'm teaching online and that is mega time consuming. Yes and helping and being helped is wonderful. Your lovely paintings cheer me up every time. They are so beautiful!


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