Friday, April 24, 2020

The animal family getting us through

A combination of images of my favourite three
animals in the world -- Timbah the cat, an iPad
drawing, Fiona the cat, acrylic portrait, on
cradled birch panel, Sally the dog,  acrylic 
portrait, on cradled birch panel
Barbara Muir © 2017
It's late and I was just getting together the animals' night
snack.  Our dog Sally was watching me, while our cat
Timbah (14) wailed on the other side of the basement door.
(I realize I didn't explain this well enough first go round. A couple
of years ago our cat Timbah walked under my feet and I
tripped and broke my wrist.  Since then I put him in the
basement if I'm preparing food.)

Sally watches like she knows every step of my routine.
First make sure the dishes are loaded, turn on the
dishwasher,  then open the can of tuna, and make sure
the cat food can is open. Then the treats get divided, I grab
a cookie for Sally. By now the cats are both wailing at the door.
Fiona, the siamese, has joined the chorus, and then a rush
down the stairs. The cats eat in the downstairs bathroom
with the door closed so that Sally can't steal their food.
(All of the animals sleep in the basement where they
have very comfy beds so that we get our sleep.)

Then I let the cats out, and we all watch a bit of TV,
I say goodnight.  They all go to their beds and go to
sleep.  They are wonderful.

Our animals are loving, observant, playful, affectionate
and definitely cheer us up during the time of social

To all of the animals in families across the world who
are making their families happy -- thank you.

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