Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Tired? Make that excited, happy, exhilirated

Clouds at play
iPad drawing
8 x 10
Barbara Muir © 2017
Okay.  I taught this stuff --  positive psych.  How you feel,
and perceive the world is heavily influenced by how you
talk to yourself.  What messages you say internally, over,
and over, either give you energy, or knock you flat on your
back, or leave you in limbo somewhere between the two.

Okay I pick feeling happy.  I pick feeling up, and excited
about the future.  Now there's a mental and emotional
challenge for this worldwide pandemic! On it. I was super
tired before I sat down to write to you.  My one evening
a week course, that ran all winter, ended yesterday.  And
there is a natural fatigue that sets in partially from the
recognition that that project is over, and partially from
a feeling of wanting a tiny break.

But there is so much to do!  A new term starts Monday.
So!  Let's opt for happy, empowered, blissful, hopeful,
joyful, even ecstatic.  Yes!  This drawing is an iPad
drawing I lost with 250 others when I upgraded my iPad.
(No wonder I am nervous about upgrades.)  I am not
a techie.  So I was so glad to find it survived through
my blog.  And it shows the classic kind of Nova Scotia
scene I love.

Have a picking the positive view day.


Frank Daley said...

Sending this out with your comment.

Barbara Muir said...

Frank what did you want to say? Of course we did this stuff together didn't we?
I am so glad I had those years of working with you. You were a great boss, and
team leader, and thinker. What a privilege.

I'm not sure what you wanted to say here, but I appreciate the thought.


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