Friday, April 17, 2020

The cheer leaders -- Yes!

Inevitable Potential
Oil on canvas
36 x 48 inches
Amy Hillenbrand ©

What I love about the Internet and the blog/Facebook/Instagram
world are the connections we artists have with one
another.  Even if all we ever do is like, or heart each other,
we are a community, and it's worldwide.  And when we
comment on each other's work, friendships are born.

It's been a hard day, and a good day in our household.  The
same feeling that everyone else is having about this virus
lasting forever hit us here, and we got the blues.
Thinking about how to feel happier, the art of Amy Hillenbrand 
came to mind right away.  Watching Amy share photos of her
brilliant flower paintings taking shape always inspires,
and comforts me.

In our house we're lucky that we're good at getting back to
happy, and lucky that we have a house to live in, a backyard,
and good neighbours who wave and say hi.  And today we got
to see our son, his darling wife, and the little ones from about
20 feet away for a short visit.  Basically just "Hi" and "Bye",
but so nice.

I know that we're also lucky that as predominantly
upbeat people, we can figure out how to recover when we go
down.  In the coming weeks I would like to occasionally
feature the art of some artists who make me feel happy every
time I see their work. That's why today's artist is Amy Hillenbrand.
Her amazing flowers just take my breath away.  And they'll lift your
spirits too.

Have a working on cheering up day. 

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