Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Thinking about New Year's Eve

New Year on my kitchen counter
iPad drawing
8 x 10 inches

Barbara Muir © 2013
It's been a very busy day today, and I'm still not finished
my long list.  Marking is part of the picture.  I'm trying to
get the one evening a week course I teach finished, so I
can start a new one next week.

I've been thinking a lot today about New Year's Eve
and New Year's Day 2020.  We had so much fun at
our annual party -- so much laughter, and music and
singing.  Wonderful food, lots of champagne, everyone
hugging.  Wow.  And we were all so hopeful.  Sometimes
now I can pull a memory out and savour it like
a visual, audio treat -- nothing like a Zoom call,
or video.  Real people who I love being around in
my life in real time.  Live from Toronto -- our life.

Here's what I wrote on New Year's Eve.  It still
holds true:

"For 2020 let's try to be happy! And if you can't be happy,
hugs, and the hope that you will be happy soon.  We have so many
big jobs ahead of us this year.  We need to try and
save the planet (job 1). I hope you have today to
relax and enjoy yourself, your family and friends.
Life is great, surprising and rewarding.  You make
my day every day with your posts, your art, your
thoughts, and your constant support and encouragement."

Have a loving the upside memories day.

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