Thursday, April 22, 2021

Happy Earth Day

Me at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
(the woman walking away)
New York City
Steven van Schaik ©️ 2016
(Out the window at the end of this
part of the gallery, is a view of
one of the most beautiful parks
in North America -- Central Park.)

The focus of my work for the past few years has definitely been about loving the planet. Landscapes and still life work including flowers have been the subjects of my paintings.
I talk a lot about the love of place – mostly referring to Nova Scotia. But I am so grateful for every bit of the planet that I’ve been so lucky to see. I hope in the future that travel does not come at a cost to our environment, as it does now.

Everyone talks about wanting to travel because we haven't been able to. And I am one of
those people. What I love about travelling is meeting people, and feeling like I have neighbourhoods in places where I don’t live. For now all of that has to change. And in the future maybe we will only consider travelling if we can do it like Greta Thunberg – by sailboat.

Meanwhile on Earth Day — Florence, Paris, New York City, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Nova Scotia -- you have my heart. Let’s try and take care of the planet and each other,
and figure out safer ways to have full and glorious lives.

Have a taking care of yourself and the planet day.


Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

Happy earth day to you. I visited a friend in her beautiful garden then worked in my own. Gardening brings me close to the earth 🌍

Barbara Muir said...

Happy Earth Day and Earth week Evelyn,

I'm sorry I'm so behind on responding.

Love your work.


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