Sunday, April 25, 2021

The big picture

How small we are in comparison
Marker on bond sketchbook paper
14 x 22 inches
Barbara Muir ©️
(Drawing from my red and green phase)

 It's so weird going for a walk in Toronto today in the beautiful spring weather,
 with all the trees flowering. You see other people coming towards you, and you
 move into the middle of the street, or onto the opposite side of the street. And this
walking dance is perpetual. For the most part, on small side streets, car drivers
 are getting used to moving around pedestrians who of necessity have to get into
 the middle of the street sometimes to avoid other pedestrians.

Given that current reality the big picture is this: those of us who can walk through
the streets, enjoy the beautiful spring, put on our masks, and move away from one
another are the lucky ones. This virus is taking down whole families now.

Yes it’s tiring, but imagine the fatigue of frontline workers. More than a year of
 this! And now there are so few intensive care beds, that doctors are talking about
facing decisions about who to save. Yes if we're getting to go for a walk in the
beautiful spring, we are lucky! 

Stay safe and stay healthy! 


Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

Life seems somewhat surreal these days. Yes, stay safe and healthy!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Evelyn,

We are doing all in our power to stay healthy. The owner of a pharmacy we go to got upset the other day when I said she sold the best hand sanitizer. She's sick of this time when we have to think like that. Good for you volunteering to help with vaccinations. I hope you've had both of yours. Great drawing too.


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