Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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The night of the tulips
Watercolour and marker
on watercolour paper
9 x 12 inches
Barbara Muir © 2013

What could be better on April 21 than a joyous painting of tulips, after a day that began with thick snow on the flowering trees, and in the the tulip and daffodil gardens?

Once again thank you to Facebook for bringing this painting up in my memories. I love
tulips, and I’ve just bought a few bunches with plans to paint them. I've been painting and drawing all day, but what I’m working on is a bit complex, and didn’t get finished.

All of my reading at the moment -- a wonderful book on happiness, the Instagram thoughts
of some of the artists I love, and friend's emails -- advises us to start, and keep going. I read a great quote today in Neil Pasricha's The Happiness Equation,"Motivation doesn't cause 
action. Action causes motivation." It seemed perfect.  Meanwhile enjoy these beautiful flowers.

Have a loving any kind of weather day. 


Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

Beautiful painting. I love your free style and gorgeous colours. Seeing your work is so inspirational. I agree that action creates motivation.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Evelyn,

I hope it's true. Sometimes when I go for a walk (action), I come home and
just want to sleep. LOL. Luckily I have a brother who I love talking to, and I do paint while I talk to him on the phone. So I guess phoning is another kind of action. Love, love, love your lyrical drawings.


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