Sunday, April 18, 2021

The love of places

Me and the schoolhouse
Steven van Schaik © 2014

Today with my morning coffee my husband, Steven, brought his computer up to show me a Google Maps image of our school house in Nova Scotia. In August it will be two years since we’ve been there. Kind friends in the local area have checked up on it for us, but the worry of how it is faring without us continues. And we would so love to be there right now -- where COVID worries are low. (Not possible, and we can't wait until it will be possible. But we will -- wait.)

People in Toronto are going crazy with the latest lockdown. Some people marched in the streets in Ontario yesterday, unmasked, protesting against the lockdown. Aside from the stupidity of that, it’s sad that they can’t absorb how incredibly hard things are in the hospitals with the numbers rising. Plus the new variants are hitting young people. And of course as we’ve seen all over the world, every time people gather unmasked the new case numbers go through the roof.

As for what’s getting me through this time. My husband has been amazing. He’s given me surprises like a cluster of chocolate Easter eggs in my bedside table. How lovely. I couldn’t eat them all of course, so I had two of them, and then re-surprised him by putting them in his sock drawer!

We have been very lucky during this whole thirteen months to have each other, and wonderful family who stay in touch however they possibly can, and amazing friends here on social media, and on the phone and on Zoom. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Have a noticing what’s good in your life day.


Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

It is so incredibly difficult for everyone. We aren't in as strict a lockdown as Ontario. The government here isn't really giving enough instruction and the numbers are climbing. I live on a very tourist-oriented island and people continue to come over in droves regardless of a ban on all but essential travel. Makes me so disappointed and more nervous to just go get groceries. Take care and I am glad you have such wonderful family support.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Evelyn,

Most people are being careful, and that's good. But clearly some people aren't. And the new variants are more dangerous and spread more quickly. Take good care of yourself. We will get through this. And your comments have really been wonderful for me. I love your work.


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