Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Craving stillness -- to think and paint

I haven't been able to paint for a few
days, and feel a bit like a race horse
at the gate, or a dog, on a short leash
with the park in sight. Eager
to get going on my next project --
two large paintings for a show.
Like much of the work I do right now,
the works will go together,
and could be hung as one painting,
or sold as two separate works.
I started painting things that "fit"
together after reading a wonderful
book about Larry Rivers.
I wish the book explained how he
attached foamcore to canvas. He painted
huge paintings and built them up
architecturally with foamcore,
so that some sections were in relief,
and others flat like a standard painting. I've
wanted to have something sculptural
happen with my work since then, but I'm
still painting on good old canvas --
just extending the work -- with another good old canvas.

I have got to mark. It's my last class of the semester tomorrow
-- a bright and eager group -- very chirpy early in the morning,
so I need to be ready for them with suitable mirth. Sleep will be
welcome tonight.

This painting is one section of a two-part painting.
A still life joins into the left side of the work. I
can't find a photo of them joined tonight, but I'll
put one in at another date.


Have a connecting day.

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