Saturday, April 5, 2008

Justa justa walking

Some days are almost too complicated to describe. I set off
on a walk to meet my sister part way down St. Clair. Right
away I realized that I've been shut in the house too much in
the last week. Everything looked like a 3 D movie. The
world was singing, completely high on itself. Robins flew
right over my face bragging about being birds, having wings,
being the birds everyone equates with spring.

Even a dilapidated house with a sign under the screen door
condemning it, looked hopeful. Then there were the upsetting
facts - nice old brick low-rise apartments being torn down
for condos, which will no doubt block the sun that sparkled
on everything, making every wish seem possible.

Later after coffee, I walked through Forest Hill with my sister,
and I must have been looking up as we talked because I noticed
such amazing chimneys. The massive mansions wear chimneys
in sculptural designs, not the simple blocks made of brick
favoured on my street.

The painting is one a I did several years ago of Miriam Kaufman's
parents. It has a cheery, spring feeling, so it works today. This is
one of the few portrait paintings I've done exclusively from photos,
without ever meeting the couple. I looked at at least 25 photos, and
had tea with Miriam more than once talking about her parents. So
the conversation took place, just not with the "sitters". I was
trying to capture the love these two felt for each other. I think that
comes through. And they both really liked the painting, which made
me feel lucky.

The rest of the day's been devoted to marking. I say take
your inspiration where you can get it.

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