Thursday, April 24, 2008

Goodbye to church concerts

Since 1996 we've had a relationship with Oakwood
Collegiate. I remember watching a documentary about the place on TVO before our oldest boy
started school there, and being worried.

Not necessary. Christopher had so much fun
there playing tuba in the band, and doing plays in
drama. I knew the band was a great experience, so
we signed Sam up for trumpet lessons in grade eight and he's been playing ever since. Then in grade eleven he found out he had a great voice when he carried the musical Hair as Claude in the
school's fabulous production. Tonight was the
last concert we'll attend in the church.

The girl in the picture is Sam's friend, Donelle,
who was also in the choir with him, and has
a wonderful voice, and a great sense of style

I enjoyed painting Donelle as part of the Dance
Series, and her easy confidence and relaxed
take on life in general shows. She is a great girl
and I'll miss watching her in the choir. Sam won an award for Music Citizenship, and we
were very proud and sad at the same time. Luckily there's one more concert next week
celebrating Oakwood's 1o0th anniversary. Then it really will be goodbye to the fabulous
music program at what has been a super school for our guys.

Have a musical evening.

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