Monday, April 7, 2008

Ospreys and Killdeers setting up house

I am a big fan of the bird. I think
they know this. That must be why
the Osprey at school always announces
her return by flying as close to me as
possible -- not in a threatening way,
but in a "Hi Barbara -- see- how- beautiful- I- am -way." Yep. The Ospreys are back at King, and
there are babies in the huge nest made
out of large twigs sitting on top of one
of the very tall light standards in the
parking lot. These birds are awe-inspiring.
I parked my car almost as far away from school
as I could so I'd get a walk in, because
I was in class most of the day. Tonight
walking by the remaining snow banks
I noticed a Killdeer frantically trying to
get my attention about 10 feet from the car.
I remember a Sunday school
picnic when I was a little girl,
where the picnic committee had
to place a wooden box
over a Killdeer nest right in the middle of
the field. Killdeers remind me of the people who
buy houses right beside the airport, and then
complain of the noise. Hello! They are always
at the wrong place at the wrong time, poor birds.

I have a massive amount of marking to do, so
talk to you tomorrow.

I'm putting in a picture of the flower shops
yesterday. Today it was so warm that I stood
outside in the sun without a coat to call Steven on
a break.

Have an airborne day

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