Sunday, April 20, 2008

The luckiest of professions

One day during a show I had with
the wonderful landscape painter
Gill Cameron, a friend of hers
came in and instantly understood
my concept of "Before the Dance."

She saw this metaphor as a perfect
description of her three children,
and so began a delightful working
experience for me.

When I visited the family in their home, and saw how
they were together, I knew I wanted the paintings to
connect. All three children got along extremely well.
They were polite, gracious and a pleasure both to
paint, and to talk to during our many breaks. I
generally buy cookies for my subjects, and each child
liked a different kind of cookie. They were all athletic,
artistic in their own ways, and enjoying life to the

I've enjoyed everyone I've ever painted, and when I
have a client in my studio and the image is humming
away nicely, I am certain that I am blessed as an
artist. Then I say, "Thank you universe for your
bounty." Thank you children for being a delight
to paint. This work is three separate paintings,
which together add up to to 6' x 36".

The photo in this case does not do the work

Have a blessed evening.


cohen labelle said...

Barbara, you're amazing!

Barbara Muir said...

Moo Moo said -- No you are amazing!

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