Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting ready to rock and roll

Hi everyone,

Tonight I've been working on refining one of my paintings. I showed
it to you a while ago and it needed some sparkle. After a long, but
great day at school, I settled in to change it.

Today's starting point

The second image shows what happened, and then...I was photographing
it and thought -- wait a minute, and changed it again. The
discipline of producing a daily blog has definitely affected both
my productivity and my outlook. Seeing my images through the
camera teaches me to scrutinize what I'm doing and
adjust it. I am not a fan of the critique, but doing the blog is
like a self-installed critique. I want you to like what
I'm doing, and I hope you do. But I really want to be happy with
what I do. One for all and all for one -- hup! I sound like
a cheerleader, which by the way is how I sound most of the time.
It's definitely a role I play with gusto.

Almost there, and then the eye on the
left of the painting caught my eye

And here is what may be the final version. This little painting is
only 10" x 10" -- so enough. I am happy. I think.

Beautiful woman
10" x 10"
acrylic on canvas

Tomorrow in addition to marking papers, I am working on spiffing the place
up enough to have visitors take a look around the studio. No big deal
because I'm a very tidy painter. Just ask my family. They live with
paint creeping onto the surfaces in every room in the house, paint on
the walls, floors and furniture in the studio, tape on the floor and
chairs and couch in the studio to mark commission poses, and even tape on the
studio pillows! I would love to be a tidy painter, but I'd need an
assistant who went around behind me keeping everything squeaky
clean. Before Artwalk I tidy up the rooms, and make the place look
as though order is every bit as important as creativity. I learned
that from Flora Doehler. In fact Flora taught me the whole idea of
showing my studio space, and how to make it look good. She
could be a house Martha,making any place look appealing.
I wish she was here now.

Have a deliciously organized day.


Liza Hirst said...

it is interesting to follow the touch ups you did on this painting - I saw the first one and thought oh, that's nice, then I saw the second and thought ah, that's even better. Arriving at the final version I thought wow, it IS much better than the first one! The expression on her face has changed from slightly nervous to calm, serene and poised - congratulation!
Btw, I am totally with you on what you said about blogging!
Good luck with your show - wish I could be there!

Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful woman - I like the eyes particularly.

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Liza,

The reference for this is a photo
of a friend whose "official" portrait I've painted twice. But she has one of those faces you could paint 50 times and it would always be different.

I'd love to see you at my show.
And I'd love to drop in on one of yours. Some day it's going to happen.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi onpainting,

Thanks very much. She does have
gorgeous eyes. So I'm glad that

Went to your blog. It's great.

Anonymous said...

Wow! She is a beautiful woman. And the painting is wonderfully done. It was interesting seeing the progression. thanks.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

thanks so much. I really like
watching the progression of your
paintings too. Plus the shots
of where you paint are a
complete escape from Toronto.


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