Thursday, September 4, 2008

More class excitement

I went to the chiropractor today, and she told me it will be
a year before my foot and ankle are normal. The good news
was she approves of me moving it as much as I can. The
bad news is that following my own hunches to move
as much as possible can hurt. But she says that's fine.

To that end, after preparing my notes for class tomorrow,
I worked most of the afternoon on the formal portrait I want
to finish by next week. I gave myself plenty of breaks,
because I seem to need to go outside, and think, then come
back to it, and see with a clearer eye. Plus it's been hot out
for the first time all summer, and I want to enjoy my
garden while I can.

Art class sketch
acrylic on bond paper
18" x 24"

I can't show you the other piece yet, but I found a
painting/drawing I like from one of my art classes
a few years ago. I think I've mentioned before that
these aren't really classes, because no one teaches,
but I think of them that way, because they happen at
the same time every Tuesday, and the same people
always come out to paint.

In class I used to paint in acrylic on bond paper, until I decided
to allow myself to work on canvas all the time. The acrylic
on paper worked, but it isn't as easy to use as canvas, or
as convenient. If I want to hang the canvas up and look at it,
all I have to do is wire it and stick it on a hook.

Still some of the exuberant work I did on the Bond
paper makes me smile now, and this is one of those


Anonymous said...

I love your painting. Honestly I'm really touched or I wouldn't write this!

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you very much anonymous.
I'm glad you like what I do.


Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful painting Barbara. I love seeing so many of your paintings on your blog. I'm always surprised to see one that I didn't know about. Your work is luscious!
Funny that you were at the chiro was I!! The one here is recommending kayaking for me as a help for my knees and my shoulders.
I'm glad that you are going to get more help with your ankle. Even though it will take a year, I'm sure you'll have full recovery and that it won't take that long because you are so determined!

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Flora,

The model was clearly inspiring.
I was on a very bright colour kick,
which I like.

True I am determined to heal that
ankle and the foot.

Thanks for your encouragement on all


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