Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dipping into the files

I had to mark papers tonight, which is its own kind
of pleasure, but I didn't have time to go to art class.
Plus I admit I spent three hours at the hospital
today waiting in the Fracture Clinic, and I am
exhausted. So I'm showing you an older work.
This is a class painting I did on smooth Arches
watercolour paper with acrylics. I always liked
it, and couldn't understand why it didn't
sell in shows, even when the price was almost
a give away.

Woman in argyle sweater
acrylic on watercolour paper
18" x 20"

But now I think I get it. She looks worried or
cranky. And no one needs cranky on their walls.
I know painters paint angry paintings, but that push
has to come from their souls. Mine is not an angry
soul. I do get upset about things, but in
essence I work hard at being cheerful, and
see that as an essential talent. I'll talk to you
tomorrow, meanwhile enjoy whatever art you make.

Have a letting-the-happy-through day.


Sylvia Jenstad said...

love your really cool colours... your portraits with your colours...so cool

Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Sylvia,

I really appreciate your thoughts.
Your paintings are amazingly cool too.


Anonymous said...

just what i needed to hear today. I painted outside last sunday while waiting to pick up my piece at Todmorden. Very odd perspective coming out... i should say multiple perspectives. still trying to decide if i like it, or if people will think it is just 'wrong'.
ok, back to work now...

Susan Carlin said...

Hi Barbara,
Not sure why the trouble leaving comments, but I always appreciate yours. That particular portrait is giving me fits. The subject is asking me to basically make her look like someone else. The commissioner is a University, but I'm trying to please the subjects, too. Sigh. I'm traveling right now so won't likely post until Monday.. talk with you soon..Susan

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Susana,

I looked up your blog and
thoroughly enjoyed your latest
entry. Well -- in one way who
cares what people think -- if it's just their thinking you're
worried about. Now buying -- that's a whole other animal. I don't pretend to understand it. I'm just delighted each and every time it happens.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Susan,

We are in a touchy business. The good thing is, you could make her look like Marilyn Monroe, if that's what she wants. You could paint circles around the moon. The university won't mind the changes the sitter requires. So make her happy (within reason).


I'm sure my comment problem was a temporary glitch. Have a lovely trip.

Liza Hirst said...

I can relate so much to what you wrote here! Unfortunately it seems as if people sometimes look upon that as superficial - now that's what I call superficial!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

The older I get, the more essential it seems to focus on joy -- to concentrate on what makes me and others happy. Life constantly tests
this practice, but strong people
respond with a more forceful attachment to what works in the realm of creating happiness.

Your paintings do that for me. They
make me feel so delighted.


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